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Bait lines / Snoods

We have a considerable capacity to make bait lines. The operation is driven by ladies who are faster and better in making the knots.

We offer following snood types.

 Mono Filament Baitlines (MBL )  : Nylon , 0.8mm – 1.2mm thickness snoods.

Nylon Braded Snoods : 2.5mm stitched looped snoods.

Polyester Twine Twisted Snoods: No 16 with 24”


For better economics and conveniences of the buyers, we offer Rigged longlines. Our eazybater Hooks are supplied by “Eagleclaw:, USA

In addition we offer 100% SS, Knife edge pointed Halibut hooks attached to thicker snoods.


We have the option to attach the hooks sent by our buyers as well, for which we charge a nominal labour fee.